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    Includes CET Certification Exam

    This certified EKG technician program is designed for people who want to pursue a successful career as an EKG technician in the growing healthcare industry. You don’t need to have any previous experience in the healthcare industry to enroll in this course. However, if you’re already working in the EKG field, this assessment-rich program will offer you new knowledge and skills that you can apply in your professional life. Through this user-friendly course, you’ll learn details about the EKG profession. You will gain knowledge about: • Electrode placement and leads • Procedures and processes • Heart functions and cardiac medications • EKG machines and measurements As a professional EKG technician, you’ll work alongside physicians to record and measure patients’ heart performance.


    Includes CMHT Certification Exam

    This program is created for people who want to learn about psychology and mental health in order to become a professional mental health technician. The program includes various interactive elements to enhance the learning experience by making it more engaging on the whole. This mental health program will teach you about various treatments and therapies that are used to assist patients that are dealing withpsychosocial or psychological problems that include: • Substance use conditions • Developmental delays and disabilities • Medical illnesses • Sources of social stress like domestic violence, homelessness, poverty A critical part of understanding psychology is to understand what the sub-field abnormal psychology entails.


    This assessment-rich program is designed for those of you who want to become a certified fitness and nutrition coach. Thus, as a coach, you will be responsible for providing your clients with valuable and scientifically-accurate information that will help improve the quality of their lives. This program features a variety of audio and visual presentations that will help explain certain parts of the curriculum. This feature can make the learning experience a lot more exciting and engaging as well. Thus, this program will provide you with all the necessary information you’ll need to train people on how to adopt healthier lifestyles.


    This multimedia-rich and user-friendly course is aimed at individuals pursuing a career as a Nutritional coach, personal trainer, dietician, or other related fields. Through this course, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to make the best food choices for your clients. The course provides an in-depth understanding and importance of the nutritional value of different types of foods as per the latest research. You’ll also learn about functional, organic, processed, and genetically modified foods. You’ll receive an in-depth understanding of environmental nutrition issues and eco-friendly food sources. You’ll be equipped with the skillset and tools to design nutritional plans and coaching strategies according to your client’s needs.


    This certification course is ideal for entry-level professionals pursuing a career as an ophthalmic assistant. It’s also recommended for assistants who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in medical office administration. During this program, you’ll learn steps of collecting data, supervising patients, administrating treatments and tests, and assisting ophthalmologists in day-to-day administrative tasks. You’ll also gain in-depth knowledge of ophthalmic technology, paramedical training, and administrative management. The course also offers an overview of physiology, anatomy, optics, the microbiology of the eye, and pharmacology.


    Includes Your Choice of CPT Exam!

    This program is designed for any individual who has zero experience in fitness training but wants to become a professional personal fitness trainer. However, people who do have experience in fitness training can use this program to prepare themselves for the ACSM certification. In this multimedia-rich program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the following topics. • Exercise physiology • Anatomy • Biomechanics • Nutrition • Motor learning That is not the full extent of this interactive program.


    Includes CPhT Certification Exam

    This interactive and multimedia-rich course is designed for people who don’t have any experience in the healthcare industry. With that said, it can also be an excellent opportunity for existing professionals to increase their knowledge on the subject. This pharmacy technician course will cover how to: • Handle prescription requests • Measure medications • Package and label prescriptions • Work with patient records • Process prescription insurance claims Our program includes a range of assessment requirements for our students. This way, you can ensure that you’re ready to make a name for yourself when you begin your career. Once you complete this course and become a pharmacy technician, you can secure a job in a retail pharmacy or hospital pharmacy.


    This assessment-rich program is designed for those of you who’ve been looking for physical therapy assistant programs online. Through this course, you can become a certified physical therapy aide and perform duties like keeping the treatment area organized and clean. You’ll also be performing clerical duties, helping patients in wheelchairs,ordering supplies, and a lot more.


    This assessment-rich online certification course is ideal for personal trainers, fitness coaches, physical therapists, healthcare professionals, trainers, medical caretakers, and sports coaches. It’s also recommended for anyone interested in learning the health impacts of postures and pursuing a career as a posture specialist. This course will help you acquire skills and tools to assess and train your patients or clients in correcting their posture and being aware of body alignment. The certificate program is offered in module format. It uses various quizzes, tools, and techniques to perform as an efficient trainer. This program offers the option of both an instructor-led and a non-instructor led teaching format.


    Includes CACW Certification Exam

    The Certified Veterinary Assistant program is designed to help people who love animals and have no experience working or caring for them to learn how to do exactly that. Therefore, this program can help both aspiring professionals and existing professionals in this field increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills. With a veterinary assistant certification, you can secure jobs in which you’ll work along with veterinarians, providing various animals with treatment for injury or sickness, health evaluation, and routine care. You can have a successful career working in places like zoos, veterinary hospitals, and animal shelters, all without having prior knowledge or experience of and in the field. This highly-interactive and multimedia-centric course will teach you about: 1.


    Certified Veterinary Office Assistants handle daily administrative duties of the veterinary team. This course outlines step-by-step instructions for completing these daily tasks such as scheduling appointments, billing and accounting, communicating effectively and compassionately with clients, managing medical records, budgeting, marketing, managing inventory, using outside diagnostic laboratory services, and more. Make a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them while working as a Veterinary Office Assistant in a veterinary hospital, animal shelter, zoo, or university. The included Veterinary Medical Terminology program provides a visual approach to learning medical terms and understanding the basics of veterinary medicine.


    This multimedia-rich program is designed for people who want to be a certified wellness coach. After completing this course, you will be prepared to apply to many wellness coach jobs, in which you’ll be working with people to improve their lifestyles. You’ll apply the processes and principles of professional life coaching by helping them determine and execute their goals. This program comprises two courses that cover all the necessary material to help you become a successful certified wellness coach. You’ll learn how to stay emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy and how to teach what you’ve learned to others as well.